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Letters from our caretakers


Our Story

"Only upon the completion of EL Sanctuary I started to analyze and understand that we are called even from the very beginning of our existence in our mother’s womb. Line by line, precept upon precept, Jesus prepared me. I was taken away from a self-sufficient and industrious family into marrying a husband who was like a painter without a brush. Only dream he did.

I used to end up paying rentals, utility bills, taking care of the children’s needs while my husband was dreaming away. Situation was such and it has made me a tough person. When my husband received the vision of EL Sanctuary, I thought the vision was unrealistic as we didn’t have any savings. In fact, most of the times we had liabilities more than assets. But through The Lord I was able to be submissive and to bear with it.

Though, many times I really wanted to put a stop to it all because of the pressure, mainly the debts that are constantly increasing. At times I even regretted that I didn’t stop him from the beginning. I cried most of the times seeking for someone to pour out my heart to but there was none.

It was The Lord who gave me a fearful and submissive heart. That allowed me to be still, was able to curb my frustration and bear with the circumstances. I began to put my trust in Him, accepting that it is His will and it will come to pass.


EL Sanctuary is dedicated to people who come to seek rest and peace. So if you’re looking for a place of rest and peace, you’ve found the right place. Leave behind all your ‘baggages’ and come experience the in-feeling of The Lord."

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"1994, like a small grain of mustard seed, from passion to passion, focus, believing, counting the cost & walking the talk. Being willing was one thing, but being able was another. All these were made possible only through a relationship with Jesus. Without this relationship, one would not be able to withstand temptations, diversions, stress, loneliness, failure, fear, & personal perception.

Through it, we realized that salvation was enough and even this life that we live was not ours. What about our children? Through this walk with the Lord, we will not be in want or in need and are constantly by His feet. All that we could ever wanted or needed is there. We need to have the characteristic of Mary to say “…just do whatever He said…”, & Esther “…if I perish, I perish…” In 1997, I couldn’t remember how many times The Lord whispered gently in my heart saying “Be still, & know that I am God.”

And that was the beginning of my real relationship with Him. With this relationship with Jesus, nothing is impossible. Relationship with Jesus is life by itself. He helps us intercede & to purpose in our heart, He gave us a discerning & forgiving heart, gave us boldness & courage, made us light hearted & light minded, & above all things He allowed us to believe that everything is possible.

There’s nothing to talk about EL Sanctuary if it’s not of The Lord. It is the process of building EL Sanctuary that He has brought me to this situation. And I know by you coming here you will surely & truly thank Him & give glory to Him. Come my fellow brothers and sisters, believing that when you seek him with all your heart, soul, & strength, you will truly find Him.

As for me & my family, we will serve The Lord with whatever remainder days we have because His joy is truly in us. And in Him we are experiencing living waters. Our life will never be the same again. The structure is set. I have no regrets. If I perish now, I know that my wife, Ann, & my 4 children namely, Sherson, Shearman, Shearlee, & Daniel will continue because we have bought ourselves into this in exchange with the things of the world.

We have sold everything, relinquished all business. Now everything that belongs to us personally is shared with all those who come to EL Sanctuary. What a wonderful joy of The Lord! With the love of Jesus. Amen."

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